Vacation Time

Vacation benefits may be used after 90 days, pending management approval.

Vacation time provides the rest and relaxation important for good health and efficiency. While the company will make every effort to give you the vacation dates that you desire, vacation schedules will be determined with due regard for the company’s business and customer needs.

In the event more than one employee in the same classification requests vacation for the same period, length of service and date of request will be the basis for the decision.

I understand it, approve and want to procees with request.

Paid Sick

Time is solely for use in connection with absence due to legitimate personal injury, illness or pregnancy of the employee or an immediate family member. When this occurs, the company will automatically charge and pay you 8 hours of PTO-Sick. If you have exhausted your paid PTO - Sick time, then your VAC time will be charged. If you have exhausted both your PTO - Sick and VAC time, then the time will be recorded as unexcused time; it will be unpaid time and treated as an "Absent".

Paid SICK may be used in the event of a death, to attend a funeral, for a mental health day or to attend scheduled medical appointments. Depending on the circumstances, the Company may, at its discretion, require documentation substantiating the absence.

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Personal Time Off - Unpaid
(Must Be Pre-Approved)

An employee may request Personal Time Off-Unpaid to schedule personal business during normal working hours. Employees are required to submit a written PTO Request Form to have the requested time approved prior to the day of expected use. PTO Unpaid will normally be granted only after any earned VAC has been exhausted. Any employee requesting to take three (3) or more consecutive days off for any reason must first exhaust any available earned paid time off.

Employees may not take Personal Time Off-Unpaid in connection with a paid holiday unless it is requested and approved at least two weeks in advance.

I understand it, approve and want to procees with request.